The Darkroom Project Exhibition 2 - August 17-19 2012
Former Dominican Convent - Muro Leccese (LE)

The Darkroom Project Exhibition 2, is an international event dedicated to printing from negatives in the darkroom, which is intended to lead visitors beyond the simple view of photo printing.

The main theme will be the printed photograph, generated by different and far photographic processes, both culturally and technologically, which generate a strong and intense dialogue of languages.

Participation is open to everyone: the focus of the exhibition will consist of the author’s prints, chosen by Luciano Corvaglia, together with the The Darkroom Project’s permanent collection. Moreover, the exhibition will be integrated by photographer’s prints, previously chosen from an on-line selection.


Info and subscriptions

The Darkroom Project is an idea of Professional Print Lab. Luciano Corvaglia
Cultural Association Wide Shut Photography
sponsored by the City of Muro Leccese